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Immersive Learning

Exclusive to ourselves, take at look at our iSurround immersive learning rooms and see how it can change your school.

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School Radio

Get your school up and running with our Radio-Active Learning school radio systems. Ask our team to find out more.

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"A very professional service from point of contact through the installation of the projector screen, and also the after care service. The price quoted was by the far the cheapest I found despite getting several companies to quote, and the order process simple, quick and organised. When it came to the installation the two guys who carried out the installation were fantastic throughout, and answered any questions thrown at them, also providing a full demonstration of the system a couple of times for different members of my staff. All in all a great product, priced and installed by a very professional company. If I am ever in need of any type of this system again, there's only one company I'll be calling. Daniel Thornton, General Manager - Regent Leisure Group.

"The installation was smooth, training of teachers and pupils clear and we were using it straight away. Everyone loves it and the school community is only just beginning to understand the impact it can have on children’s learning and love of school." Sharon Hallsworth, Deputy Headteacher - Ashover Primary School, Derbyshire.

"Although the radio equipment is great, easy-to-use, and involved very little training, we thought we may not get enough use out of it. However, children’s confidence in using it has been amazing to the point where they were soon broadcasting live on a daily basis; in the morning, at lunchtimes and after school. If there’s one thing to say about this radio system it is to never underestimate what children can achieve with a piece of technology. Rachel Sumner – IT coordinator, Parklands Primary School, Ellesmere Port.

Hindsford CE Primary School, Manchester - 'Outstanding school'. Excerpt from Ofsted Report 5th March 2014: Achievement of pupils: Outstanding. Quality of teaching: Outstanding. Behaviour of pupils: Outstanding. Leadership: Outstanding. "ICT and computing are promoted very well because the school has invested in excellent resources including an immersion room where pupils can create their own videos and experience ‘virtual learning’. The local authority holds the school in high regard and has done so for some years. The school is used as an example to others of excellent practice in ICT and provision for disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs." “The system really brings the curriculum to life and is already proving to be a powerful learning tool within our school. It engages our children, inspires creativity and makes learning very exciting. Alongside its use as an immersive teaching environment our ‘Magic Room’ has also been used as a calm room, a cinema and a film studio. It’s a great place for reading stories and inspiring writing. The system is very easy to use and was a fraction of the cost of other systems that we researched. The provided package even included a green-screen media wall and film-making equipment that we will use to further develop creativity in media within our school. The system truly is having a great impact upon teaching in our school.” Sharon Swanton, ICT Manager.

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Feb '15: iSurround Immersive Learning Rooms... We have been installing some very impressive iSurround immersive learning spaces recently. Please visit www.immersivelearning.co.uk to see our iSurround system in action. Systems involve 360° (4-wall) media projection bringing space to life with surround digital video, photo and audio content. The immersive space can include tracking cameras, floor projection, programmable LED lighting, surround sound audio, scent machines and temperature regulation to create fully immersive and interactive environments.

Latest News

Mar '15: London hospital fibre & data cabling installation... We are currently installing an extensive structured data cabling network within a major South London hospital. This includes several fibre backbones, a high-end Cisco wireless network and Cat6 cabling for a RFID tracker network.

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