School Radio

Boost literacy, language and communication.

Radio-Active Learning is the UK’s most popular ‘live’ primary school radio solution. Initially developed in 2007 to complement existing school media activities, the system’s live broadcasting capability has been proven to have a huge impact upon standards of pupil communication, language and literacy. Unlike standard podcasting, live broadcasting motivates by providing a real audience and purpose in a real context.

Improve pupil confidence and public speaking skills

• Extremely easy to use – just 1 hour of training required for the whole system.
• Utilises existing network cabling for audio distribution throughout a school. No audio cabling and disruption required.
• Full-school digital audio with keypad-controlled speaker sets. Coverage available for classrooms, corridors, dinner halls and outdoor playground locations.
• Inclusive Audacity podcasting training.
• Easily expandable up to 64-zones.
• 1-years of system support and follow-up training session.

“The system has greatly improved our children’s communication skills; especially public speaking skills which in the past have been quite poor. We strive constantly to boost pupils’ self-esteem, and appearing as a DJ on the system really works wonders.” Rachel Sumner, Parklands Primary School, Ellesmere Port.
For current offers or to register your interest please call our team on 0845 838 4650.

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